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Healey Disc can provide solutions for all of your multimedia replication needs. We pride ourselves on our ability to fulfill all of your digital media requirements, specializing in CD Duplication, DVD Duplication, CD Repliaction, DVD Replication, CD Manufacturing, and DVD Manufacturing. From simple Dual Disc / DVD / CD-ROM Replication, to complete Packaging, Project Management and Multimedia creation, we can accommodate and provide a finished product to you, or your customer. We have been servicing the business sector for more than 11 years and with our new Digital Transfer Technology, we can provide not only the highest quality printed media in the industry, but also the most unique by personalizing each disc to your requirements. We can even embed a unique ID on your Data! Curious? You should be. Healey Disc provodes complete CD Duplication Services and can help you put together a winning project from start to finish.
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CD & DVD Solutions for the Professional.CD & DVD Solutions for the Independent Musician.
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Healey ( DVD / CD Duplication / Replication Experts )

With close to 15 years experience in CD / DVD Manufacturing, the Healey group of companies is your best choice when looking to put your best marketing foot forward.

Established in 1992 as a replication brokerage house servicing the music industry, Healey has since grown into a multi-national company providing a myriad of services and products to both the music industry and corporate world alike. With an informed, friendly staff that is more than willing to help you achieve your desired results, Healey is the place to turn to when you need CD Duplication, DVD Duplication, CD Replication, DVD Replication, Packaging Supplies, Product Assembly, Kitting, Shrink Wrapping, CD / DVD Authoring, Graphic Design and many other related services.

Healey Disc: 613-836-6010   |   Healey Music: 1-800-835-1362
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